Cast iron molds

Productive cycle

Thanks to an induction oven with a capacity of 40 ton Fondor can produce ingot molds and pit equipment up to 35 tons.

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Mechanical processing

Fondor è is equipped with milling cutters and lathes for machining ingots, bottom plates, counter-plates and columns up to 5 meters

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Fondoris devoted to environmental protection by using a sophisticated air treatment equipment.

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Fondor use only first quality sand and ecological resins to create their products.

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Its main plants include:

  • Shell Moulding Department with cyclic sand reclamation
  • Induction furnace with capacity of 40 tonn.
  • Sandblasting and nishing department
  • Machine shop department for mechanical work (permitting the milling of surfaces up to 5,000 x 3,100 mm)

The Fondor foundry uses selected hematite pig iron to cast up to 35 ton ingot moulds of any type and shape as well as plates, bottoms, pot and other casting pit equipment. On specic request of the client, at the Fondor is possible to create spheroidal cast iron’s casting with a unitary weight up to 10 tonn.

Fondor is equipped with sophisticated manufacturing and control systems designed to produce exceptionally long-lasting ingot moulds. All foundry activity, from moulding to casting and nishing, is strictly controlled through the use of modern equipment and the observace of quality control procedures thet ensure the nest of products.

Our commercial policy aims to do more than market a top-quality product, through Careful choice of raw material, continuous analysis and rigorous classication and sampling procedures

Moreover it provides to steelworks dierent services such as Ingot mould designing drawn up according to ingot dimentions and exact needs of the steel plant user and periodic visits to the client by specialized foundry techinicians versed in the specic problems of the steel plant

It also ensures maximum Fondor product quality and fully guarantees our sles terms.

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